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2018-07-11 13:32:30
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After you install zentaoPHP, let's use it to print Hello World!

Let's say that we will deploy zentaoPHP here /var/www/zentaophp.

1. The directory structure of zentaoPHP

Unzip zentaoPHP and you will see files in this directory.

  • config: the directory to save configuration files
  • db: the directory that stores the definition of the blog table used in the demo
  • favicon.ico: the file for small logos found in front of the visited URL
  •  framework: the core directory of zentaoPHP which include the definition files of router, control, model and helper
  • index.php: the entry program, and all request will be transferred by it.
  • js: the directory for js scripts
  • lib: the directory for common class files
  • module: the directory of modules, and all the feature modules are in this directory
  • theme: for style tables and image files

2. Create the module of Hello

Create a module for Hello in the directory of a module.

cd module
mkdir hello

3. Create control.php

class hello extends control
    public function world()
        echo 'Hello, world!';

4. Visit the application of HelloWorld

Visit http://localhost/zentaophp/hello-world in your browser and you will see HelloWorld. If GET is set in config/my.php as request type, the path is http://localhost/zentaophp/?m=hello&f=world.

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