About Us

EasyCorp is a young IT company,  founded in 2010. We take developing professional management tools for users all over the world as our mission and stick to open source and free software. ZenTao, ZDoo, and  ZSite have been developed and helping thousands of companies improve their management.     
EasyCorp is a simple and small team from  Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city in China. Based on mutual trust, our team could cooperate in a special way to ensure team efficiency.

We pursue effective and positive values for the society, so we have to give up some business interests to ensure that we stay close to the essence of solving problems rather than do evil things just for profits. Because of this, we are supported by more and more users.

Long as the way it is and we will keep on pursuing what we believe. This is never going to change even though the world is changing constantly and dramatically. Would you like to walk with us?