Example: Deploy the blog built in zentaoPHP

2018-07-11 13:32:30
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zentaoPHP has a simple blog example. Now let's see how to deploy this example application.

If you have initialized your database, you can skip the first step.

1. Create a database

In the directory of db, there is a blog.sql file. This is a very simple table. Use PHPMyAdmin or command lines in MySQL to create a database and name it blog. Then import the tool to create a table from blog.sql.

$> mysql -u root -p
$> create database blog;

2. Create a config file for this blog application

A config.php file has been built in this application, so you can change this file and use it. What we recommend is that you create a my.php file and define the configuration in this file, so to avoid conflicting codes.

Cope config/my.example.php and rename it as my.php. Then change the parameters for the database in it.

$config->debug = true;                    // turn on debug for developing environment
$config->requestType = 'PATH_INFO';       // If mod_rewrite is on in Apache, use it. Or change it to GET
$config->requestFix = '-';                // path separator
$config->webRoot = '/zentaophp/';         // current path to visit in web
$config->db->port = '3306';
$config->db->name = 'blog';
$config->db->user = 'root';
$config->db->password = '';

3. Visit the blog

Go to http://localhost/zentaophp/blog/ and you will see the page.

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