Directory Structure

2018-07-13 09:30:55
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Directory structure is important for a framework. Let's see the directory structure of zentaoPHP.

1. Root Directory

  • config: configuration files, including config.php and my.php
  • db: blog.sql required in demo application
  • framework: core files of the framework
  • js: js script files
  • lib: common class files
  • module: module directory; each module has a directory
  • theme: theme files, including CSS files and image files
  • .htaccess: URL rewrite rule files in Apache
  • favicon.ico: small logo files
  • index.php: entry program

2. Module Directory

  • config.php configuration files for the module, and global configuration files
  • lang language files for the module. zh-cn is simplified Chinese, zh-tw is traditional Chinese and en is English.

  • control.php control files for the module

  • model.php service logic files for the module

  • view view files for each page, e.g. index.html.php is the template file of the index method


common is to store common files for an application, such as lang, template, and model. For example, lang/en.php is for common language files, header.html.php is common header files for templates, footer.html.php is common footer files for templates, error.html.php is for common error message files.

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