ZenTao 10.0.alpha is released!

2018-05-12 03:10:00

Hello, ZenTao users! THe long expected release of ZenTao is finally here! This release is bringing you brand new UI and UX, and all pages have been optimized.

Since the first release of ZenTao 0.0 Alpha which was very basic on July 30, 2009, ZenTao team has committed over 11,900 times, finished over 2,700 features, and released over 100 versions, while they keep it open source. ZenTao team has been providing this professional project management tool to over hundreds of thousands of companies/teams in China, Today, we would present ZenTao 10.0.alpha to our users with new experience.

Note: This is alpha . It is suggested that you do NOT use it in your production environment.

Major Change

  • My Dashboard
  • Dynamic
  • Product Home
  • Product overview
  • Roadmap
  • Project Home
  • Project overview
  • QA Home
  • Document Home
  • Added work report on My Dashboard
  • Add/Edit/Finish todos on My Dashboard
  • Add prodcut report on Product Home
  • Add prodcut overview on Product Home
  • Add project report on Project Home
  • Add project overview on Project Home
  • Add QA report on QA Home
  • All Product/product Home/All Project/Project Home/QA Home is moved from the right of the secondary Narbar to the left.
  • Kanban/Burndown/Tree/ByGroup of Project/Task has been moved from the third Navbar to the secondary one; Tree/ByGroup/Task Liat has been integrated to a drop-down.
  • Bug/Build of Project on the secondary Navbar has been integrated to a drop-down.
  • Display build and list by group, which is more reasonable.
  • Added tree to display docuemnt on the left of the page.
  • Added quick entry to document, including Last Update, My Doc and My Favorite
  • Added My Favorite to Doc module.

And more for you to find out:)

Install and Upgrade Guide


Source Code ( For Installation and Upgrade )


    • DEB:use dpkg manager to install in Ubuntu/Debian


    • RPM:use rpm manager to install in Centos

If you want to know more about it, contact us at Renee@cnezsoft .com or liujun@cnezsoft.com . You can also follow us on







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