ZenTao Cloud

ZenTao is an open source project management system, scrum tool and agile tool.


product management

has features including Product Management, Story Management, Planning and Releasing, etc.

project management

has Task Management, Team Management, Build Manangement, Burndown Chart, Kanban, etc.

quality management

has features including Bug Management, Case Mangement, Test Task Management, etc.

daily management

has features including My To-Do, My Task, My Bug, My Story, My Project, etc.

document management

includes Product Doc Lib, Project Doc Lib. You can also customize document libraries and categorize them.

source code management

has menu, module page, exported field, module name display, advanced table, and admini customization.


Why ZenTao Cloud?

  • Anytime with no maintanance
  • Daily backup and easy to deploy locally
  • Contain all the features of the professional version
  • Switch to private deployment at any time


Basic Version

up to 10 users

3 activities

up to 5M

Size of Space 1G

$ 9.9/month , $ 99/year

30 days FREE trial

Standard Version

unlimited users

10 activities

up to 10M

Size of Space 10G

$ 19.9/month , $ 199/year

30 days FREE trial

Advanced Version

unlimited users

Unlimited activities

up to 20M

Size of Space 20G

$ 26.9/month , $ 269/year

30 days FREE trial